larger paris trioI am very grateful for the amount of time I was able to spend roaming the streets of Paris this year.  Not only was I there with girlfriends in February & May but also returned for most of the summer when news of my dream project had finally been confirmed. Getting that call while standing outside of Fauchon on Place de la Madeleine with Keiko, Helena & Eliot is a moment I will never forget.  So it was back to Paris for a glorious six weeks of hard work but also making new memories with old and new friends, exploring passageways, tasting sweet treats each day, and the final week spent sharing all of my new favorite places with my boyfriend, and a few nights wandering along the Brittany Coast.  A few of my favorite moments:


larger girls trip

flowers 2   One of the greatest meals of my life at ~ Lunch at Jean-Francois Piege



cancale larger


 I’m headed back to Paris for two weeks over the holidays.  Follow my next Paris adventure on Instagram and stay tuned as I’ll be posting another photo diary from that trip early next year.

All photos ©LaVieAnnRose