1DSCF3360 At the most recent bake-a-thon for Valentine’s Day, our expert pastry chef, Kristen, taught us how to make molded homemade chocolate truffles.  There were a lot of very detailed steps but well worth the time spent it took to make them. These truffles were incredible ~ so delicious and even better than most gourmet truffles you can find at the most expensive chocolate shops in town.  We made a variety of flavors – Earl Grey Dark Chocolate Ganache (using Marriage Freres tea of course), Peanut Butter and Bonne Maman Preserves, Plain peanut butter in dark chocolate, and a coconut cream ganache.  We used different shaped molds in order to keep track of what filling we used. i.e.: Coconut in square molds and PB&J in round swirl.   Once finished, I filled some of my empty Laduree boxes with the truffles to make extra special Valentine’s Day gifts for friends.







There are numerous steps in making these truffles starting with tempering chocolate to the perfect temperature to make the outer shell, filling with homemade ganache fillings, and lastly gently tapping them out to prevent from breaking.  This is one of the best recipes I’ve found with the complete step-by-step process – Chocolate Truffle Molds 

Coming soon, Kristen’s recipe for the most incredible Earl Grey Tea Ganache which matched perfectly with the dark chocolate shell.  We used one of my favorite Marriage Teas ~ Crepe Earl Grey (here).

Thanks Leyla, Coco & Sunny for Hosting!!

All photos ©LaVieAnnRose