BLParis Launch Cover 2Today is the official release of my first book, Bright Lights Paris.  I couldn’t be more excited than if I had woken up on Christmas day inside Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World.  There are so many people who helped me on this journey and to whom I will forever be thankful for.  My patient and brilliant lit agent Kim Perel, photographers and friends, Haleigh Chastain Walsworth and Keiko Lynn, illustrator and creative inspiration Iva Zugic (that’s her handwriting that created the title font), all of my girlfriends who spent countless hours reading my book proposal, listening to all of my ideas and helped me pick a book cover, the wonderful team at Berkley Books, and the talented team at Bollare.  I can’t of course forget my boyfriend Craig, who for the past 2 years has listened patiently to my daily book updates, grievances, and countless (and sometimes far fetched) marketing ideas.  If you pick up a copy of Bright Lights Paris, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful images which bring Paris to life in such a magical way.  Haleigh has quite an eye for the City of Lights which she has called home for many years (lucky girl!).  I’ve selected a few of my favorite images from the book to share with you on this very special and life changing day.





764_BLParis-HW 417_BLParis_HW




Don’t they just take your breath away?  They make me want to grab my passport, pack a weekender and head to JFK airport to hop on the next flight to Paris.

Excited to hear what you think of the book.  Share with me on social media by tagging your posts with #brightlightsparis.  I’ll be sharing a lot of them on Facebook, Twitter and re-gramming on Instagram.

xx Angie


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  1. Christina says: October 27, 20156:26 am

    Just ordered your book for my trip to Paris this weekend.

    Here are my posts about Paris this summer.