MC Post-3827My October trip to Paris included a very special day outside the city.   I brought one of my best friends, Arielle, with me for an incredible day touring and dining at the House of Moet & Chandon in Epernay.   Located about an hour from the City of Lights, the lovely town is the center of France’s Champagne region.   Ivan, our guide for the day, taught us everything from how the vines are grown, what time of year they are harvested, and the many steps taken to go from grape to perfect bubbly champagne.  The House of Moet & Chandon not only takes pride in how they make their champagne but also how and what food they serve it with.  Following our tour of the vineyards at the top of Epernay, we were treated to a gourmet lunch with dishes specially paired with their Grand Vintage Champagnes.  With each course, Ivan explained why the specific champagne was selected to best compliment each dish.  MC Post-3818MC Post-3824

MC Post-8244MC Post-3834MC Post-3836MC Post-8246MC Post-3838MC Post-3841MC Post-3844MC Post-8254Our first course of smoked eel with sliced apples and caviar was perfectly paired with the Grand Vintage 2006 and the grand finale of Heart of Pear with Rosemary Ice cream paired with the Grand Vintage Rose 2006.

Ivan was right, each bite of food enhanced the flavor of the champagne and just continued to taste more and more delicious.  Soon, I’ll share more from our day at Moet & Chandon with the tour of their wine cellars.  If you have the opportunity to visit Epernay, I highly recommend that Moet & Chandon be your first stop and sign up for one of their guided tours.  It’s an unforgettable experience.

Visit to learn more about the champagne and tours and follow the house on social media @MoetUSA and @MoetChandon

Merci Moet & Chandon, our wonderful guide Ivan and Celine and Paige for arranging an amazing day full of #MoetMoment(s)

xx Angie

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  1. Holley says: December 4, 20157:48 am

    How to you recommend getting out there from Paris? Train? Are there any other stops out that way you would add on to make it a full day? Love your book! Thanks 🙂

    • admin says: December 6, 20156:20 pm

      So glad you like the book. Thank you! The train is the easiest way and when you arrive in Epernay, its just a few minute walk to Moet & Chandon and many of the other champagne houses.