A constant type of image that pops up in my Instagram feed are pictures of Paris flower shops with a rainbow of roses or flowers popping out of window boxes on gorgeous Parisian facades. When you’re in Paris you just can’t help but stop and take photos of each and every one. Here are some I’ve taken on wanderings through my favorite city & a list of some of my favorite places to find them.



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A few of my favorite spots to take photos & pick up flowers when I’m in Paris:

– Rue Montogueil:  Just north of Les Halles, the pedestrian portion of this street is bustling with cafes, food shops & a couple of perfect flower shops.

– Marche d’Aligre: Located in Place d’Aligre in the Bastille, this indoor & outdoor food market is where you’ll find table upon table of fresh rose bunches many other flowers in every pretty color imaginable.

– The sweet flower shop on rue des Saint-Peres in Saint Germain with shelves of Potted plants and decor out front will lure you over & then you’ll step inside to a Midsummers Nights Dream. It’s a must see for every trip.

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xx Angie

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