I love French gourmet products from truffle butter, white wine vinegar, and jams.  My boyfriend is a mustard addict while I tend to be on team ketchup.  The more French mustards we bring home after each trip, the more I have grown to enjoy it, especially when he uses it while cooking.  Our favorite stop for mustard is the Maille boutique on Place de la Madeleine.  While its still fun to buy in Paris, it’s so convenient to have two boutiques in New York City.  I especially love the newest location in the Flatiron district where mustard sommelier Pierette Huttner (only one of her kind in the US) hosts ‘Create your own mustard class.’

I recently attended one of her classes; which wasn’t just incredibly fun but also a great way to learn more about the heritage of the French brand and how to incorporate mustard into your cooking and not just use as a condiment.  We started off class by selecting from a group of ingredients with French wine in hand, compliments of Acker Wines.










They started us off with a dijon mustard base and from there we added in ingredients to create our very own blend.  Pierette recommended that we select 1 ingredient from 4 categories:  SWEET, TEXTURE, FRESH +  SPICES.  I have a HUGE sweet tooth; which even pops out when cooking savory dishes and selected Maple Syrup, Shallots + fresh porcini mushrooms.  With those as my key ingredients, I opted out of using a spice.  I loved blending the ingredients and taste testing as I went along to see if I needed a little more of this or a little more of that.  Pierette even helped taste and suggested when we needed to add in more if it were just right as is.  At the end of class, they poured our mustards in the signature Maille stoneware bottle.

When you finish your mustard, you can bring back to the boutique and refill with their signature seasonal blends.  This summer I also enjoyed their limited edition summer collection, ‘Les Jardins des Chefs‘ which was created to compliment spring and summer vegetable dishes and the seasonal flavor on tap, ROSEMARY HONEY.  Get ready, their yearly fall flavor will be back in store & online in September: BLACK TRUFFLE + CHABLIS WINE  & its absolutely one of my favorite Maille mustard blends.

To learn more about the Mustard Class & Sign up visit: EVENTBRITE (keep checking back as more classes will be added throughout the Fall)

Also check out the Maille website for delicious recipes incorporating their mustards:

Mushroom Toast

Baked Croque Monsieur

Truffle Mustard Mac + Cheese

Fun Fact: Maille is pronounced “MY” which I also learned in class

Special thank you to Pierette Huttner, the team at Maille Flatiron and Diana + Pauline at Fraiche PR.  Loved meeting and making new friends in class, including Alexandra Shytsman, and Rosemary Nardone.

xx, Angie

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