Paris is forever in my heart, but today in particular I can’t stop thinking about the City of Lights.  It was one year ago today that several terror attacks took place, the worst at Le Bataclan.   A few of my friends lost a friend and loved one and my heart broke for them and everyone who suffered a loss that day.  I remember constantly checking Instagram to see if those who posted during the concert posted again after; which meant they were alive.  A few did which was such a wonderful relief to see and then there were those who never posted again.  I remember one couple in particular were essentially being checked on by people worldwide and then finally days later we found out the man didn’t make it but his girlfriend did.  I still think of them.  Like 9/11, this is a day I will never forget.  There is too much hate in the world and I am hopeful things will turn around and love will triumph more than hate.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite images of Paris, a city near and dear to my heart.  If you are heading there, make sure you visit the ‘Love Wall’ (seen below) in Montmartre.  ‘I LOVE YOU’ is written out in over a hundred languages.  Reminding us to love all, no matter our race or religion.











Shine bright tonight beautiful City of Lights!  And always remember #LoveTrumpsHate

xx, Angie

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