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Time to chat about my favorite Walt Disney World Souvenirs. As you may have already read here on the blog and my Instagram, I visit Walt Disney World a couple of times each year and my love runs deep for Mickey and Minnie! I don’t buy a ton of souvenirs but usually pick up one or two things to remind me of each specific trip. Sometimes they are little freebies that I can get at the park and others are items I can incorporate into my everyday life. On occasion, it’s just something that I can’t live without but I know will not likely use again outside of WDW. (ie: my sequin Minnie ears)   Freebies include the celebration buttons they give out at the resort hotels and guest services at each park, and new cards for the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game.   Something I really could live without but love to collect, are the flat pennies engraved with characters and signature rides. I specifically bring shiny pennies and quarters to make a few on each trip. I like to make one in each country that we have dinner at in Epcot and one from a favorite ride at one of the other parks.

Items that I can incorporate into my wardrobe and don’t scream ‘Disney’ but add a little touch of fun into my everyday life are my favorite. Like the above aviator sunglasses with a tiny red Minnie Mouse bow that peeks out under my hair. Most people don’t even notice it and I wear them so often that on another trip, I picked up a pair rimmed in gold with a pink bow. When KEEP COLLECTIVE reached out to tell me about their Disney collaboration and asked if I wanted to try the collection and customize my own bracelet, I of course said YES! The collection includes a reversible leather bracelet and seven individual charms. I love that you can buy them separately to customize your bracelet or necklace with their other pieces. There are so many cute ones to choose from, but I decided on all Minnie Mouse charms and a gold Eiffel Tower to remind me of my favorite city on earth! And yes, I’ve been to Disneyland Paris several times.

I also love to buy special pieces of art to add to my gallery wall or put up in other rooms around our apartment. I ordered the above print of Minnie Mouse putting on her lipstick at the Art of Disney store on Main Street. It’s hanging on a wall next to my bathroom.   On our last trip in July, I picked up a print of the France Pavilion village which you can buy at the boutique next to Les Halles Boulangerie.

My Keep Collective bracelet has definitely become one of my favorite accessories and fun reminder of my magical trips to Disney. It’s also like a cute replacement for my Magic Band that I can wear day-to-day.   The leather Disney bracelet is reversible. On one side is black leather with embossed Mickey’s and the other is rose gold with one of my favorite quotes by Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, You can Do it.” I couldn’t decide which side to use so I ordered a 2nd one to wear both at the same time. The quote inspires me to work hard each day and a great reminder to always pursue my dreams.



xx, Angie

Thank you to Keep Collective for partnering with me on this post


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  1. Of Ashes & Bones says: October 5, 20179:48 am

    So cute! I used to collect walt disney pins when I was a kid.

  2. Christine says: November 12, 20175:32 am

    I did something special with my sequined Minnie ears. I put them in a black shadow box, with photos from the trip as the background. I then found a small figurine of Minnie and put it on top of the shadow box. I hung it in my living room area. I love it because I get to look at it everyday and have all those memories, and Minnie’s ears, not shoved in a drawer. This could work with the lanyard and bottoms as well! Thank you Christine 😊

    • admin says: November 12, 20179:48 am

      That’s such a great idea! Thanks for sharing Christine