untitled-3257Some girls return from Paris with a new Chanel or Celine bag.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, I on the other hand typically stock up on my favorite gourmet food gifts (and sometimes not so gourmet) grocery items.  When I spent a couple weeks in Paris during the holidays at the start of the year, I bought so many food items that I had to buy a small suitcase at a discount shop near Place de la Republique in order to bring them all home.  It was worth it to be able to bring home spices and aged vanilla from Epices Roellinger, Mariage Freres tea, treats and trinkets from Laduree and Angelina, incredible red wine, and my boyfriends’ favorite mustard to cook with.  I included some insider tips and links to the items that you can shop for when you’re not in Paris. untitled-3209


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Gourmet Food Gifts from Paris:

Mariage Freres Tea: I like to have plenty of both loose leaf canisters and loose leaf in tea bags for.  Dean & Deluca sells the largest variety and while they don’t sell all of the limited edition blends, they do have a few of my favorites including Casablanca, Eros, Marco Polo, and Wedding Imperial.  SHOP HERE

Nina’s Marie Antoinette Tea:  Drink the black tea with roses and apple that Marie Antoinette loved.  Find their adorable tea salon near the Opera Garnier SHOP HERE

Angelina Hot Chocolate: I have yet to find a store or website where you can find Angelina’s famous hot cocoa in the US but Bergdorf Goodman sells their dark chocolates SHOP HERE

Terre Exotique Spices:  I first found this brand while shopping in their boutique in Dijon a few years ago.  When in Paris, I buy their smoked salt, salt with black truffles, salad flowers and also holiday spice blends perfect or Christmas cookies  at the Le Bon Marche or Galeries Lafayette Gourmet stores.  There are a few items for sale HERE and HERE

Edmond Fallot Mustard: We picked up this set of mustards at the Charles de Gaulle airport.  It came with a stand; which we mounted under one of our kitchen cabinets.  A limited flavor assortment can be found at a variety of gourmet grocery stores including Sur La Table and Amazon.

If you’re in NYC, visit Le District the amazing French gourmet shop with restaurants, florist, crepe stand, and a mini La Cure Gourmand candy shop.  Le District 

Click on the names to visit the websites for the items only sold in Paris

L’Ecliar de Genie,  La Maison du Miel Honey, Epices Roellinger, Jean-Charles Rochoux Chocolate,  Maison de la Truffe,  Jordan’s Country Crisp Cereal

Keep in mind that when purchasing items on US based sites and stores, you will be paying more than if you were to buy them in Paris.

xx Angie

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