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Following our incredible lunch and champagne pairings at Moet & Chandon, we were given a tour of the house.  One second in this room and I was ready to move in.  It’s what fairytale dreams are made of.  Next up was a tour of the cellars located across the street; which they share with Dom Perignon.  It was an honor to listen and learn more about how the champagne is stored and kept to perfection.

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The Moet & Chandon cellars have rows upon rows of vintage champagne. They are absolutely stunning.  Ivan showed us how the champagne is aged and how you can tell when its ready to be popped open.  The numbers shown on each section are a secret code that tells when the champagne was made.  We tried our best to convince him but Ivan stayed strong and never gave up the code.  Following the tour, our next stop was the boutique where you can purchase everything from minis to magnums.  We even found bottles of vintage harvested on each of our birth years {Mine 1978 and Arielle’s 1985}.  A special touch displayed just for us I’m sure 😉

Visit to learn more about the champagne and tours and follow the house on social media @MoetUSA and @MoetChandon

Merci Moet & Chandon, our wonderful guide Ivan, and Celine and Paige for arranging an amazing day full of #MoetMoment(s)

xx Angie

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