Spring reading is one of my favorite lazy day activities.  Whether bringing a book to relax in the sunshine at my neighborhood park or at a nearby cafe while sipping an iced latte.  In the past couple of months some wonderful books have been published and I’m happy to share many are about Paris or French culture.   Even though I wrote a book about Paris, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading all of the new books that are written about my favorite city.  I love all of these books and highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself.  They also make make gifts for girlfriends, graduation or Mother’s Day.

1. THE NEW PARIS by Lindsey Tramuta ~ One of my favorite blogs (for many years) is Lost In Cheeseland, written and founded by Philadelphian turned Parisian Lindsey Tramuta.  Getting an inside look into her life in Paris has always been so interesting and beautifully detailed.  When I heard that she was writing her first book, I knew it would be a must-read.  Lindsey shows readers, The New Paris, blooming with artisans, neo-bistros, cocktail masters and more.   Find out how these local and international creatives have transformed Paris from pure traditional to a newly energized city of wonder.  I loved reading features on some of my favorite locales and ones that I am sure will become new favorites. BUY –> HERE

2. PARIS IN BLOOM by Georgianna Lane ~  If you love Paris, flowers and anything pretty then look no further than this gorgeous book filled with images by one of my favorite photographers.  The book doesn’t just showcase Georgianna’s images but also takes you through her favorite florists, flower markets and a how-to guide on creating your own Parisian style arrangements.  The cover is every Cherry Blossom dream come true!  BUY –> HERE

3. DINNER CHEZ MOI by Elizabeth Bard ~ If you’ve read my book or previous blog posts, then you know I’m in love all of Elizabeth’s books.  She brings to life her own story about learning to adapt to the French way of life and very specific cooking traditions.  In her latest, a cookbook where she shares 50 French Secrets to Joyful Eating and Entertaining, you’ll learn how the French detox after a sweet holiday binge, her recipes for cozy Provencal dishes, one-pot meals, and easy breezy entertaining.  BUY –> HERE

4. IMPRESSIONS OF PARIS by Cat Seto ~ A sweet and chic illustrated guide to Paris from the founder and illustrator of one of my favorite paper goods collections, Ferme à Papier.   The whimsical colors, patterns, perspectives and rhythms of Paris are highlighted through iconic locations, hidden gems and delicious anecdotes.  BUY –> HERE

5. HOW TO PACK:  TRAVEL SMART FOR ANY TRIP by Hitha Palepu.  While having a job that required her to travel 3 weeks out of the month, Hitha became a packing expert and is sharing all her wondrous secrets in her debut book.  Find out the pros and cons of using different types of suitcases, learn which packing personality you match up with, decipher how many of each type of accessory is too many to pack, and packing lists for specific types of trips like city trips to beach getaways.  All these tips and more are highlighted by adorable illustrations making it a fun way to study your way to becoming a packing pro!  BUY –> HERE

6. OVER EASY by Joy Wilson – I LOVE Joy the Baker and DRAKE ON CAKE.  So this cookbook, focusing on breakfast dishes both sweet and savory was on pre-order the minute it became available.  My stomach rumbles ‘Feed Me’ just thinking about what’s inside Joy’s cookbook.  I love eating breakfast for dinner and I can’t imagine a more perfect ‘Dinner’ than Joy’s Earl Grey Tea Waffles with Spicy Brown Sugar Sausage Patties.  Um and lets not forget, Praline Bacon!!!  Oh there’s also some healthy options mixed in 🙂  BUY –> HERE

Looking for some more Francophile reads then check out:  The Sweet Life in Paris, Mastering the Art of French Eating,  Bonjour Kale, When In French, Paris my Sweet, Lunch in Provence and I’ll See you In Paris.

The perfect pairing to a good read is Mariage Freres tea.  My favorite boutique in Chicago and probably top 10 in the US, P.O.S.H. Chicago has by far the best assortment of Mariage Freres tea that I’ve ever seen available outside of Paris.  The lovely owner, Karl has selected some of my favorites including Black Teas (Earl Grey French Blue + Boléro), Green Teas (Jasmine Mandarin, Paris + Marais), Limited Edition Teas (On Sale for  Limited Time) and also a great assortment in their tea sachets; great for bringing a cup of tea with you to the park.

What’s on your must-read list or are currently reading?  Share in the comments below!

xx, Angie

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  1. Cat Seto says: April 30, 201712:52 pm

    Thank you so much for the book love Angie 📚❤️❤️! Will be sure to check out and share your other splendid Paris book finds :).

    • admin says: May 1, 20177:32 pm

      You’re welcome!! xx

  2. Georgianna says: May 1, 20176:16 pm

    Hi Angie! Thank you so much for including Paris in Bloom in this wonderful collection! As I said on Instagram, I’m really honored as I love and admire the work of each of these authors. And your gorgeous and creative book is right next to me on my shelf of favorite Paris books. Merci encore et à bientôt! G

    • admin says: May 1, 20177:31 pm

      Your’e so welcome! xx