As you know by now I am a Disney ‘fan-atic’ planning multiple trips a year to Walt Disney World.  I’m headed there again in July, 74 days and counting to be exact.   Disneyland Paris is close to my heart and I have been more times than I should probably admit 😉  When I heard their 25th Anniversary Celebration had just begun I added that to my ‘to-do’ list for 2017.  I’ll definitely make time to visit on my next trip to Paris.  I did some research to find out what special activities they have planned to celebrate the special birthday.  Here is a list of what I recommend along with some of my own personal favorites and tips on making your day at Disneyland Paris a magical one!


  • Star Tours: Continuous Adventure: An update to the 3D Star Wars journey.  You can go on the ride multiple times and still experience an array of adventures as there are 70 different mission combinations! May the Force Be With You!
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain:  The classic favorite, Space Mountain has been transformed into a Star Wars mission.  This is definitely not to be missed as I don’t anticipate the theme being long term.
  • Disney Stars on Parade: An update to the exciting afternoon parade down Main Street USA.
  • Join Mickey + Friends for ‘Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris’ daily afternoon show (Located in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle)
  • Disney Illuminations new daily nighttime spectacular with fireworks, characters + more


  • Ratatouille The Adventure – Absolutely my favorite ride at DLP and top 10 in all the Disney parks I have visited thus far.
  • Alice’s Curious Labyrinth:  The greatest maze on earth!
  • Snow White + the 7 Dwarfs:  I was really bummed when this closed at WDW but I love that I can still get my Snow White fix at DLP
  • Indiana Jones Temple of Peril:  Exciting roller coaster that goes upside down
  • Cars Quatre Roues Rallye:  Life size bumper cars that spin similar to the teacups
  • Find out what’s hidden underneath Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  • End your night with Mickey’s Goodnight Kiss ~ A show with Mickey & Friends which takes place at the park entrance


  • If you arrive in the morning and use your time wisely, visiting both parks in 1 day is very manageable.  If you want a more relaxing experience then stay the night and head to 1 park each day.  I share the in depth directions in THIS post.
  • Disneyland Paris is about a 45 min train ride from Central Paris on the RER A.  Such an easy day trip.
  • If you’re staying the night at a Disney hotel, you can leave your luggage at the Disney Express desk located at train station once you’ve arrived at the parks.  They will bring it directly to your hotel leaving your hands free for selfies as you walk towards the parks! ha!
  • Download the free Disneyland Paris app and stay up-to-date on all show times, attraction waiting times, and character meet ‘n greets.
  • If a line is long for one of your favorite attractions, use their ‘Single Ride’ line.  You won’t ride in the same car as your friends but you’ll still have the same amount of fun and will have spent half the amount of time in line.  Leaving more time for taking selfies all over the park!
  • Make advance reservations for dinner.  My favorite is Gusteau’s!  It’s absolutely Magical from the moment you open the front door!


As you know I love French and Parisian culture.  That said visiting DP definiltey has it’s cultural differences and American’s going for the first time may be a bit surprised.  Here are some things to know to better prepare yourself and not let it get in the way of having a magical experience at Disneyland Paris

  • The parks are smaller, I like to think of them as more petite which adds to their charm.  But this also makes them sometimes feel a bit more crowded
  • There aren’t a ton of food options in the parks for dinner.  I’ve even been on a day when they had run out of most food at quick service locations by the time I’m used to eating dinner (8pm ish).  So just make sure you’re prepared to eat earlier or make a dinner reservation so you know you’re covered.  In their defense, this has also happened to me at Disneyland California just not as badly as it did at DP.
  • You’re not just sharing the parks with French residents, but guests who are from all over the world and different cultures.  Some guests from these cultures may not be used to or understand the concept of waiting or following a line and some just don’t care and will cut in line.  Don’t let it get under your skin or you’re the one who will have a bad time, not them.

For more Useful Tips and directions on taking the train from Paris, read THIS POST from my last trip to DLP.

What summer trips are you guys planning?

xx, Angie

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