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The Best Rosé wine for Summer Entertaining felt very appropriate to share on one of my favorite days, #NationalRoséDay.  I’m sure there’s no surprise that most of the rosé wine I drink comes from the Côtes de Provence region in France.   A little known fact I recently learned was that rosé wine even outsells white wine in France.  Who knew?!  Rosé wine from Côtes du Provence are characteristically dry wines and contain a less sugar than many others produced around the world.  I personally prefer both my white and rosé wines to be more on the dry than sweet side of the flavor spectrum.  Here is a list of my favorite rosé wines right now.   All of these selections are also budget friendly and many can be found for under $20. (prices vary per state and retailer)


national rose day

MIRAVAL:  This is a refreshing and aromatic rosé, produced in a valley of the ancient village of Correns, France.  Notes of red fruits, white flowers and citrus make this light rosé perfect for a sunny afternoon.  It’s also the rosé co-founded by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt along with a famed French wine family.   BUY HERE ($21)

VIE VITE:  I was newly introduced to this wine; which I served at a recent get together at my apartment alongside a cheese and wine platter.  It was so delicious and I can’t wait to pick up another bottle.   The rosé is crisp with a delicate finish.  It’s fruit flavors are best enhanced by a seafood feast but also pairs well with just about anything else you serve. BUY HERE ($19.95)

NOMADICA WINE:  I love this wine for it’s convenient, portable design.  Yes, it’s a ‘canned wine;’ which if you haven’t heard isn’t such a bad thing.  The wine still tastes delicious and is the perfect way to enjoy wine on the go.  Produced in small batches at vineyards in California, the company is female founded, female owned and female run; which I also think is pretty amazing.  The limited edition cans are also designed by incredible artists; this rosé edition having been designed by Matty Mo, aka THE MOST FAMOUS ARTIST.  BUY HERE ($6/can)


From the rich flavor, smooth texture and perfect shade of pale pink; you can’t get much better than this rosé.  I also love the wine’s strawberry and berry fruit notes.  HINT: Drink with strawberries!  Be warned though, this is a favorite and goes quickly at most local wine shops…and at all summer soirées!  BUY HERE ($21.99)


Probably one of the ‘hottest’ wines in the US right now, this rosé is light and refreshing.  Notes of fresh strawberry, pink grapefruit and white peach give this rosé an extra kick.  Enjoy at your next clambake or beach outing.  Once you start, you can’t stop!  BUY HERE ($15)


Known for their elegant wines, Smoke Tree produces one of my favorite California rosé wines.  The aromas of white cherry and white peach paired with flavors of quince and nectarine give this rosé a dry and crisp finish.  Pair with a summer salad and grilled vegetables.  BUY HERE ($22.99)


I first came upon this rosé from Côtes du Provence through my wine subscription with Winc.  Several bottles later and I am hooked.   I’ve personally been a member of Winc since 2015 (when it launched as Club W) and love the selection of wines that arrive each month.  When I feel like I have enough wine on hand, I can put my account on hold till I’m ready for more. Receive a FREE bottle of wine with your first order, using  THIS LINK

vie vite rose wine

Time to chill your wine and put together a cheese plate with your favorite French Cheese.  Don’t forget the Maille Mustard!!

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xx, Angie

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  1. Diane says: August 11, 20173:50 am

    What great picks! I love rose and have recently discovered all the local producers here in the Loire Valley where I live. Bottles are usually well under US$10. Can’t get enough. 😉 (P.S. I typed this comment blindly because your comment box wasn’t showing my text so not sure this worked?)

    • admin says: August 11, 20174:13 pm

      Hi Diane! Yes, it worked. That’s great to hear about rose in the Loire Valley