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Earlier in the summer, I featured some of my favorite rose wines.  I received so much positive feedback, I wanted to also share some of the best white wines from around the world.  I am by no means a wine expert but have learned more about my favorite beverage by taking wine courses in NYC and on wine tasting tours in Burgandy France, Chianti Italy, Long Island’s North Fork, and just yesterday, Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley.  (more on that soon)

Below, you’ll find my favorite white wines from many regions in Europe, South America, USA and even South Africa.  All of these skew in the dry wine area as I don’t enjoy sweet varietals as much.  I have yet to taste wines from Greece and some other areas; which are on my list to try.  This list also features very affordable options starting at $9.99.  Yes, you can find some amazing wines at that price!  Pick up some cheese, fruit and a baguette and invite some friends over for a tasting.

ITALYbest white wine italy

When you’re visiting Florence, I highly recommend planning a day trip to the Chianti wine region.  I loved seeing the countryside and visiting a few of the vineyards. My friends and I of course wanted to bring home a case of wine, but the shipping costs can get quite expensive. When you’re at the vineyards, ask where you can purchase in your area and then make it happen when you get home.  I’ve found some amazing Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Italian Chardonnay’s.

Attems Sauvignon Blanc is a rich wine that starts with subtle notes of sage and tomato leaf and has crisp citrus and apricot flavors.  (BUY HERE) You can visit the estate, located north east of Venice.

Santa Margharita Pinot Grigio is a dry white that is 100% hand harvested in Italy.  It’s so versatile that it will pair well with just about any dish from seafood, salads and white meats. (BUY HERE) I like having the option of picking up a bottle in a smaller size in 375ml, perfect when I’ll have a night at home all to myself.  They recently sent me a coloring book (shown below) which is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of their wine.

Frescobaldi Pomino Bianco Chardonnay, is both floral and fruity and helms from the Chianti Rufina Region. (BUY HERE)  If you’re in the area, be sure to visit their vineyard and 5-bedroom castle. I hope to someday!

FRANCEbest france white wine

By now, you know I love all things French. In my book, BRIGHT LIGHTS PARIS, you’ll find a wine and cheese pairing feature and listings for my favorite wine bars around Paris.  Found in regions throughout the country, France is the largest producer of wine in the world.  Which means there are SO many amazing options.  This Les Dauphins Cotes du Rhone Reserve Blanc is perfect to bring to a summer dinner party at a friends house.  Both the vineyard and wine have won several awards and is a price you can’t beat. (BUY HERE) I also enjoy this Petit Chablis from Burgandy and Louis Latour Chardonnay.

SOUTH AFRICAbest white wine south africa

Vines in South Africa were imported from France + Spain and first planted in 1655 by the Dutch East India company.  Most vineyards are located in the coastal Western Cape region.  I was first introduced to South African wines at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants in Brooklyn, AWASH ETHIOPIAN.  I fell in love with the crisp Sauvignon Blancs; which are still my favorite type of whites from the region.  FLEUR DU CAP and HIGHBERRY make two of the best.  The Fleur du Cap features aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit and gooseberries and pairs perfectly with platter of shellfish or summer salad. (BUY HERE)  Highberry wines are made from biodynamic grapes.  Like most whites, they are fermented in stainless steel tanks; however they ferment 30% in old barrels to give it an added texture and flavor.  Learn more about Wines of South Africa and next time you see one on the menu, give it a try!  Note to Disney fans:  The Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World has one of the worlds largest selections of South African Wines.  You can order at any of the bars, restaurants and also pick up a bottle at the gift shop to enjoy in your room.

SOUTH AMERICA + SPAINwhite wine south americaI have yet to visit South America but have heard amazing things and hope to plan a trip someday.  A few of my friends have gone on wine tasting tours in Chile and Argentina raved about the experience.

Kaiken Terroir Series Torrentos – This winery in Argentina was founded by Chilean winemaker Aurelio Montes Sr. and is now run by his son.  His team is focused on creating a variety of premium wines beyond traditional Malbec and this white is spectacular.  Grown in the Andes Mountains, the Torrentos grape is the signature white grape of Argentina.  Similar to a Moscata grape with floral aromatics and notes of citrus and passion fruit.  It’s zesty and fresh. (BUY HERE)

Natura Chardonnay is made from organically grown grapes in Chile’s Central Valley. Typically, organic wines are a bit more expensive but this is available at a fantastic price for any budget. Grapefruit citrus aromas blend with notes of pineapple and tropical fruit flavors on the palate while hints of apple lingers on after each sip. (BUY HERE)

Montes Spring Harvest Sauvignon Blanc – Co-founded by the aforementioned Aurelio Montes Sr., this winery has pioneered ‘premium’ wine making in Chile with their limited-production wines.  The grapes are hand-picked from a vineyard just five miles from the Pacific Ocean boasting a fresh palate with citrus notes; perfect for a shrimp salad or buttery lobster roll.  (BUY HERE)

I realize Spain is not on the same continent as Chile & Argentina but to save on using too many photos, I included this great Spanish white with the South American options.

Rueda MOCÉN Blanco is another refreshing white with a mineral finish and made with 100% organic grapes.  Internationally known, this white is also a top selection enjoyed by the Spanish Royal family.  The winery can be found two hours north of Madrid in the town of Rueda (BUY HERE)

USAwhite wine california

The top wine production regions in the US are California, Oregon, Washington and New York with smaller producing areas in several other states.  Napa Valley and Sonoma County California are home to some of my favorites.

Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay is fermented in barrels; enhancing the fruity flavors with a hint of toasted almond.  Sure, some people buy Cupcake for its name or pretty label, but this is also one of my go-to summer Chardonnay’s.  It’s also a favorite to give as a birthday gift to my girlfriends. (BUY HERE)

Hanging Vine Chardonnay (I accidentally photographed my bottle of Syrah) is one I often enjoy in the fall and winter.  It’s an oaf-free Chardonnay and an affordable option with a smooth, buttery finish.  It’s delicious!  (BUY HERE)

Here are a few more of my favorite white wines from around the world….

favorite white wine

The Uncommon Green makes a variety of hand etched glassware.  Order your favorite cities, college town and more.  They also make great gifts! Seen above, my favorite – the Paris Map Wine Glass.

Grooner Gruner Veltliner: I’ve enjoyed this wine from Austria for years. It’s one of my favorites to enjoy with a home cooked chicken dish with veggies.  (BUY HERE)

Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc:  Made in a heritage winery in Sonoma Valley, California this wine is partially aged in French Acacia barrels giving it a rich, full flavor.  Flavors are heightened with hard cheese like Midnight Moon and PIave.  (BUY HERE)

J.J. Vincent Pouilley-Fuisse Marie Antoinette:  The flavors in this wine are as dreamy as it’s name.  When writing my book, I would buy this as a special treat for finishing chapters.  Lucky me, I had 12 chapters in the book.  The vineyard is located in the Southern Burgandy region of France and is on the top of my list of estates to visit (BUY HERE)

Cakebread Chardonnay Reserve:  This is the biggest splurge on my list but I promise it is well worth it.  Cakebread is treat I buy a couple times a year and savor every drop.  It’s a full flavored Chardonnay that is rich, delicate and oh so buttery. (BUY FULL BOTTLE or HALF BOTTLE)

Mercer Estates Pinot Gris:  This family winery in Southeast Washington state produces a dry and refreshing Pinot Gris with notes of peach, honeysuckle and citrus.  A definite party favorite.  (BUY HERE)

Eiffel Tower Wine Rack ~ I love this wine rack which is currently on sale!  (BUY HERE)

best white wine

What are your favorite white wines?  I hope to visit some of these vineyards to learn more about how the wine is made around the world.   Next month, I’ll be sharing my favorite red wines so stay tuned…You can also read about my day trip to the Champagne region where I learned all about Champagne making at the house of Moet + Chandon in Eperney, France. (HERE + HERE)

xx, Angie

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